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What is

The intention of is to host links to web content that enable the enhancement of our three-dimensional view of the Universe. Feel free to join in and edit--Wikipedia-style!

Recently added Dataset

Methanol MultiBeam Survey The Methanol MultiBeam Survey is a sensitive survey of massive young stars in the Milky Way Galaxy to detect methanol masers. The survey is carried out by scanning the telescope in galactic longitude. Spectra cover a 4-MHz band, corresponding to a velocity range of 180 km/s, with 2048 channels each separated by 0.09 km/s. Regions towards the galactic centre are scanned more than once with different velocity settings, so that all likely radial velocities are searched. A second frequency band centred on the 6035-MHz line of hydroxyl (OH) is observed in parallel with the methanol band.

Astronomy News
The Sky This Week from May 24 to June 2
Jupiter’s largest moon seemingly disappears as it slides into the giant planet’s shadow to start the week, while a waning crescent Moon passes near Venus to wrap it up.
Fri, 24 May 2019 10:00:00 GMT
Mars' layered ice caps reveal its climate history
<em>Insulating blankets of sand layered atop ice sheets may have prevented the Red Planet from losing much more of its water into space. <br />


Fri, 24 May 2019 10:00:00 GMT
Origami-inspired design may soon help cushion rocket landings
Whether applied to auto collisions or rocket landings, absorbing energy from impacts is a valuable trait, and industries have been working on various solutions for years. For spacecraft, landing safely has entailed everything from inflatable airbag systems to sky cranes to retro-thrusters. But what if the force of impact never made it to the spacecraft at all?

That&rsquo;s the idea being pursued by Hiromi Yasuda and colleagues at the University of Washington. They&rsquo;re using foldable materia

Fri, 24 May 2019 10:00:00 GMT

Cosmography of the Local Universe View a film by Hélène Courtois, Daniel Pomarède, R. Brent Tully, Yehuda Hoffman, and Denis Courtois. All rights reserved.


Milky Way 3D: Galactic Plane Coverage Tool

An interactive Milky Way 3D coverage tool linked to surveys is at

Survey Coverage of the Milky Way

A hyperlinked visual summary (pdf) of all ongoing relevant surveys, prepared in conjunction with the NSF proposal, The Hierarchical Structure of Star-Forming Regions in the Milky Way.

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